We help the community, business, and government partners translate climate science and global climate policy into locally viable and sustainable solutions. Climate Change presents a complex problem, but one that we know how to solve we need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases while supporting vulnerable communities to adapt to a changing climate. There is no single solution, no silver bullet, but a need to innovate and scale, bringing together experts from multiple disciplines to develop appropriate responses.


We need to continue to adapt as we move forward, adopting new technologies and fresh approaches to continue to make progress at speed. C1F is uniquely well placed for this challenge. Working with expertise and networks that span across development, we can bring together the best minds to deliver appropriate solutions on a local, national, and international scale.


We work with governments, communities, and the private sector to develop programs and strategies that will improve resilience to climate impacts and provide low carbon pathways to inclusive economic development. In doing so, we ensure that essential natural resources—freshwater, forests, and soil are managed to protect biodiversity while sustaining the livelihoods that depend on them.